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  • Our mission is to promote the possibility of music making for people regardless of ability, skills, age and culture. We believe everybody has inborn musicality, through interactive improvisation we help people to unleash their hidden creativity and musicality.

  • In the busy culture of HK, we provide a musical space for people to unwind and play together for interpersonal connection hence promoting wellbeing through music making.

  • We promote social inclusion, welcoming people from all age group and ethnicity to join the improvisation.

  • We educate the participant to be themselves through music making.

ImprovFusic established in 2018, is a pioneer organization in Hong Kong to use improvisational music to cultivate community building and promote mental health, using music to connect people and share the joy of music interaction and self expression. ImprovFusic specialize in improvising with a variety of world musical instruments and electronic instruments in interactive live performance and public music jamming event. Two founders are experienced music therapist, professional musician, university lecturer, music instructors and instrument collectors. They have been partnering up with different corporate, NGOs, schools, art organization in Hong Kong and overseas for community music events and music therapy groups, working within different settings such as mental health rehabilitation, special needs, elderly, prisons and hospital settings.

ImprovFusic於2018成立,是香港首家旨在以即興音樂提升社區連結與個人精神健康的組織,透過讓音樂走進人群,與大眾分享音樂互動的樂趣。相對香港其它社區音樂團體,ImprovFusic更關注大眾的精神健康與個人整全發展,強於發揮即興音樂在提升社群參與的作用,而且精於使用世界多種民族樂器,並運用於即興音樂裡 。即將推出香港首創世界民族樂器體驗館及電子音樂即興體驗館,帶大眾進入更寬闊的音樂世界。自成立一年來,ImprovFusic曾獲邀在日本和酒節、畫廊、大型屋苑、戲劇即興音樂演出,與觀眾即興合奏;亦製作首張CD TaleTeller。




由於兩位藝術家均以即興音樂及世界音樂為主,而且二人發現香港以即興音樂(modal music)及世界音樂為主線的音樂人極少,而且大家均為樂器收藏家,均希望收藏之樂器 能分享與公眾人士分享,玩世界不同的樂器的樂趣,因此成立 ImprovFusic (即興即樂)。

Esther Y.W.Wong

  • Music Therapist/Multi-Instrumentalist/Music Producer/Arranger/Music Tutor

  • HCPC. U.K. Registered Music Therapist

  • MA Music Therapy  (Anglia Ruskin University, United Kingdom)

  • PGdip Music Therapy (University of Hong Kong, HKU SPACE, Hong Kong)

  • BMusic (University of Auckland, New Zealand)

  • ATCL Piano, Guitar

Esther Y.W.Wong, a registered music therapist, a multi-instrumentalist and a composer based in Hong Kong. Inspired by music around the world and all her travelling experiences, her style of music blends the modern with the traditional. She believes the power of music to inspire, empower and transform an individual, currently working as a music therapist to facilitate positive changes, holistic growth and offering emotional and psychological support through musical interaction in various settings including mental health, intellectual disabilities, schools, corporate and general public.

Esther 為多元音樂創作人,社區音樂人,註冊音樂治療師,音樂樂器導師,樂器收藏家 及背包旅行者。以踏進世界不同文化角落融合多元音樂,模糊古典現代界限,創造無彊界的音樂為樂。她更相信音樂的力量能使人找回真實的自我,激發個人潛能,故志在透過音樂治療提供情緒心理支持,協助個人面對自我,經歷成長,活出自我。早年畢業於紐西蘭奧克蘭 (University of Auckland)大學, 主修作曲, 獲音樂學士 學位, 曾在作曲, 編曲, 音樂教育方面發展。曾經跟隨紐西蘭著名作曲家 Eve de Castro-Robinson 和 John Elmsly 學習. 2010-2018 曾擔任六隻音樂專輯的音樂監督和製作人, 其中作品 Symphonic Dance(2011)曾與香港業餘管弦樂團作出演出; 其他作品也曾經被獲選作為音樂上的合作 (TransArt Belgium 2012; Living Water Art Exhibition at The Vine, HK 2013) 。随後於英國安 格利亞羅斯金大學(Anglia Ruskin University) 取得音樂治療碩士學位, 曾在英國和香港與 不同大小機構和企業合作舉辦社區音樂和音樂治療活動及服務, 包括社福機構中心、中途宿舍、精神科醫院、兒童發展中心、弱智人士宿舍、特殊和主流學校。

Cat S.Y. Chau

  • Registered Social Worker (RSW)

  • Registered Music Therapist (RMT), Australian Music Therapy Association

  • Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapist (NRMT)

  • Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth Specialist (MTACB), Sound Birthday Music

  • Neurologic Music Therapist, The International Neurologic Music Therapy Training Institute (NMT)

  • Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT)

  • Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Teacher (MBCT)

  • Professional Certification (CCPC) I, Gambling Counsellors, Associate Gambling Counsellor of Canadian Council

  • Chairman of Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy HK

  • Honorary Lecturer, The University of Hong Kong (Master of Behavioral Health)

  • Lecturer, The European Graduate School (Master of Expressive Art Therapy and Minor in Psychology)

  • Clinical Supervisor, The University of Melbourne (Master of Music Therapy)

She is the first registered music therapist in Hong Kong with a social work degree, has worked in social welfare field since 1997 prior to her therapist career. She set up the first non-profit music therapy Centre in Hong Kong in 2015. She is also the first music therapist in Hong Kong to use community music therapy as intervention to help the underprivileged minority such as sex workers, labor workers and people rehabilitated from mental illness to voice out their needs through music, evoking the resonance in society. She is experienced in providing music therapy service to people with various needs such as emotional disturbance, caner, mental illness, bereavement, family/ interpersonal relationship, intellectual disability, women and adolescence experienced violence, sex workers, drug abusers, problem gamblers, children with special needs and their parents as well as staff training for different organizations and lectured in university to promote the benefits of Music Therapy.

Cat Chau 為即興音樂人、音樂治療師、樂器收藏家及社工,現任 Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy 香港區主席,亦是在音樂治療界享負盛名的 Alan Turry (New York University- Nordoff-Robbins Center for Music Therapy) 的學生,曾與 100 間社福機構、中小學、大學 及醫院合作,因此有良好的社群網絡。於 1997 起在香港東北地區發展社區音樂、繼而連結社區藝術,現時亦義務協助馬寶寶農 場的社區藝術發展。藝術層面上周氏曾為多個劇團擔任即興樂師,演 出地包括:法國、台灣、香港、中國、泰國、澳門、韓國及馬來西亞等地。曾與多名本 地及外地音樂人/藝術家合作,多次參與跨藝術媒體領 域演出,透過音樂把舞蹈、行為、陶瓷、書法、詩、故事及人之間連結。周氏曾任社工 多年,亦是香港第一位同時擁有社工及音樂治療師資歷的音樂人, 因此有別於一般藝術 家,對社區藝術十分熟悉,能夠在專業音樂及草根社群的音樂需要連結,在社區中推廣 音樂亦能貼地了解社區對藝術/音樂的看法。