Wellbeing in Corporate

Are you planning your next corporate event?


Empower your work team through music making! We can customize packages according to your company’s direction and theme.

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The Power of Music in Corporate Events

Music integrates with corporate events is a fun way to enhance specific skills and achieve objectives in the workplace:

Stress Reduction:     Scientific research have shown that drumming alleviates the body’s response to                                                                        stress and improve immune system. Barry B. Bittman et al., (2001, 2005)


Teambuilding:           Enhance interpersonal relationship between colleagues, music can easily bring                                                                         people closer together.

Productivity:              Re-energize and motivate the group thus increasing productivity in the workplace.


Communication:        Improve collaboration, communication and interpersonal skills, creating strong                                                                          working relationship.

Insights & Discovery: Awaken inner potentials, creativity and strengths. Advocate the participant to be                                                                        themselves and find their own voice in music.

Event Description:

  • Different programs available to fit a range of budgets and objectives.

  • Participants get to have hands on experience on a music instruments, no prior music

    skills or training required.

  • Optional add on: Small instruments with your company’s logo or theme for participants as souvenirs.

  • We can tailor package to suit your event!

  • Using a full range of musical instruments including Rav Vast/Handpan/Djembe/World percussion and melodic instruments.

Wellbeing Package



  • Community Building

  • Team Building

  • Re-Energize



  • Stress Relief

  • Relaxation

  • Self-Discovery

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  • Team Building

  • Improve Creativity

  • Breakthrough

  • Tapping into Potentials

DIY Your Own Corporate Event!

We are able to offer tailor-made package just for your company! 

From 2 people to 2000 people we are able to help you finding the right magic ingredient creating the perfect event. 

Feel free to contact us to discuss about your next event!

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