TaleTeller-ImprovFusic's debut album released in 2018 November, showcasing the world fusion style and the distinct modal flavor in each track. A crossover of two multiple identities musician/music therapist/backpackers/world instruments collector, specialize in world fusion improvisation, using traditional and modern instrument or whatever instruments we can find and jam on the spot, creating a unique soundscape blending a variety of timbre, rhythm, melody and harmony.

TaleTeller is ready to take you on a great venture of the heart and soul, stories told by a fusion of the old and the new acoustic/electronic instruments. (Instruments in TaleTeller: Rav Vast, Tabla, Frame Drum, Udu Drum, Slaptop Cajon, Sansula, Wind & Strings instruments from around the world, all kinds of synthesizers).

An illustration book will soon be released additional to this album to bring the accompanying story visually alive.

Album is now available for online download or pre-order physical CD from us directly.

Produced by ImprovFusic 
Music, Arrangement & Recording by Esther Y.W.Wong, Cat S.Y. Chau 
Mixed, Recorded & Mastered by Esther Y.W.Wong 
Album artwork by Cat S.Y. Chau 

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