願榮光歸香港 Glory to Hong Kong (世界民族純音樂 World Fusion 版)

願榮光歸香港Glory to Hong Kong

一首歌, 大街小巷商場琴行也聽到它; 這一首歌, 令大眾流淚, 也令人振奮, 令人從絕望中感到有一絲希望. 這就是音樂的力量. 樂器包括:Rav Vast, Udu drum, Bouzouki..

Apparently this song is the important song in HK right now, and we wanna be part of this too... One song, you can hear this every single corner on the street, shopping mall, music shops. One song, it drives a crowd in tears and also charged with energy, giving a bit of hope in the midst of despair. This is the power of music.

Presenting world fusion instrumental version of this song. Featuring Rav Vast, Udu drum, Bouzouki.

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